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Memphis Adult High School
Credit Program

Dr. Rufus Lowe 901-416-4091
Adult Vocational/Apprenticeship Advisor

Messick Adult Education Center is the Administrative Center for the Shelby County Schools Adult Education Programs and Memphis Adult High Schools.  Students may enroll in classes FOR CREDIT to complete requirements for a regular high school diploma.

Classes are offered on a semester basis and are available during morning and evening hours.

During the regular school year, DAY classes are held on the Messick Campus.
NIGHT classes are offered at Messick Adult Center and Craigmont High School.

Adult High School Credit Program

Memphis Adult High School is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The program provides the opportunity for adults to complete requirements for a regular high school diploma by earning credits (units) in specific subjects.


Call 901-416-4091 for Additional Information

Memphis Adult High School Calendar
Fall/Winter Semester - 2012-2013
Location: Messick Adult Center
703 South Greer - Memphis, TN 38111
Spring Break March 10, 2014 - March 14, 2014
Requirements for Registration
Must be at least 18 years old.
Must have high school transcript showing TCAP-CT or Gateway scores.
Must have a minimum of 15 credits.
End-of-Course Tests
Gateway Tests
Transcript Request
"Those interested in Gateway testing at Messick may call Helen Williams at 901-416-4859 to sign up for testing."
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