Memphis City Schools

Raleigh Egypt Middle School Faculty


Principal Rogenia Conley-Finnie - Office B100C
Assistant Principal (6th)   - Barbara Campbell - A108
Assistant Principal (7th) - Toya Neely - B307
Assistant Principal (8th) - Jason Bolden - B309
Exemplary Educator (TN) - Mrs. Bradford - Office B100H

Building Engineer - Toledo Campbell
Assistant Building Engineer   - Horace Jefferson
Instructional Facilitator   - Angela Knox - Office B100H

Financial- Reva Marshall   - Office B100D
Attendance/Grades - La'Tisha Perkins - Office B100E
General Office - Secretary
Barbara Gathright - A108
General Office Secretary - Angela Miller - Main Office

Cafeteria Staff
Manager - Ruthie James
Assistant Manager - Ruth Carter

Team 6A
6-1 Tamala Miller Math A210
6-2 Patricia Walker Science A217
6-3 Pamela Jones Social Studies A214
6-4 Melissa Falls Language Arts A212
6-17 Ghita Garrett Reading A206

Team 6B
6-5 Stephanie Parson Language Arts A115
6-6 Shenica Tunstall Math A117
6-7 Kendrick Crawford Social Studies A106
6-8 Rhonda Johnson Science A104

Team 6C
6-9 Earl Lanier Science A310
6-10 Jimela Hankins Social Studies A317
6-11 Megan Mottley Language Arts A314
6-12 Bessie Campbell Math A312

Team 7A
7-1 Alice Stanback Language Arts A301
7-2 LeNorris Staples Social Studies A303
7-3 Becky Jones Pre-Algebra A305
7-4 Otelia Young Science A307

Team 7B
7-5 Clinton Somerville Social Studies A308
7-6 Marva Turner Science A306
7-7 Katherine Davis Language Arts A304
7-8 Verdell Brooks Pre-Algebra A302
7-13 Jenny Saliba Reading A2_02_

Team 8A
8-1 Toiya Paige Science A201
8-2 Jewel Paige Language Arts A203
8-3 Cassandra Moore-Thomas Pre-Algebra A205
8-4 Bertha Hurd American History A207

Team 8B
8-5 Tasha Horton Pre-Algebra A101
8-6 Stephanie Jones Language Arts A102
8-7 Dwana Vergers Science B212
8-8 Kevin Chatman American History B209

Team 8C
8-9 Bil Gallagher American History A204
8-10 Patricia Bailey Language Arts A206
8-11 Rita Hayslett Science B210

Special Education Department
Special Education Supervisor- Janice Holeyfield - Main Office
Resource- Mikay Martin - B310A
Resource - Linda Bradshaw - B310B
Resource - Mary Brock- B112B
Resource - RoCheryl Joyner - B113A
Resource - Barron Lee - A113B
Self-Contained - Pastoria Williams - B308
Self-Contained - Carla Jenkins - Portable
Autistic - Brenda Robinson - Portable

Guidance Department
6th and 7th grade - Mary Vinson - Office B100F
8th grade - Ruby Barrentine - B205

Media Specialist
Librarian - Michael Roseborough- B316

Speech/Language Pathologist

Exploratory Department
AVID - Grade 7 - Demetras Cowlie - Portable
Band - Cornelius Skipper- B108
Physical Education - Lavant Whitmore - Gymnasium
Physical Education - Natasha Harrell - Gymnasium
Spanish - Szeikdy Blandon - B206
Technology - Steve Middlebrook - B213
Computer - Diane Williamson - B314
Computer - Marvo Reeves- B312
Read180 - Lovie Pryor - B308
ESL - Nelly Smith - Library
ESL Mentor - Bernard Sherrod - Library
Choir/Vocal Music - Terrell Reed

Educational Assistants
Cathy Barksdale
Joyce Morris
Erika Thompson
Angela Walton
Shundra Vance

Class Coverage Team Leaders
Courtesy Club- Reva Marshall
Guidance - Latangala Mills (6), Mary Vinson (7), Ruby Barrentine (8)
Health Records - Grade Secretaries
Money, Receipt Books, Club Accounts - Reva Marshall
Payroll - Reva Marshall
School Building Engineer - Toledo Campbell
Report Cards/SMS - La'Tisha Perkins
School Records - Secretaries
Student Attendance - La'Tisha Perkins
Textbooks - Barbara Campbell






Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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