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About Memphis Virtual School/eSchool

  As a program of Memphis City Schools, Memphis Virtual School/eSchool uses online courses to offer students in grades 6 - 12 an exceptional virtual learning experience. Each student works through a curriculum at his/her own pace, while achieving the tools needed to succeed.

How it works/How to apply?

  Students complete an application for the requested course with their school's guidance counselor. After approval, the student receives a username and password. While taking the course, the student interacts with a certified teacher and classmates in an online environment. Students can work after school, from home, at the library, or any place they have access to a computer with high speed/Broadband Internet.



Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery is a program designed to keep students on track towards graduation by providing opportunities for them to earn credit for courses previously failed during the regular school day. all courses are offered online and are taught by certified teachers endorsed in core subject areas.

All MCS students in grades 8 - 12 who have failed a core course with a minimum final grade of 50 qualify for this program.


eLearning (new coursework) is designed to allow students the opportunity to take a new course online. This is done by disseminating secondary academic content via the Internet. The curriculum is aligned and correlated to Tennessee standards. All courses are taught by certified teachers endorsed in core subject areas.

Students in grades 8 - 12 qualify for his program.

  Extended Year

Extended Year is for students who failed a core course during the current school year with a final grade of 50 to 69. Computer-based software will be used during a 17 day summer program that affords a student the opportunity to be successful in the course(s) that they failed.

Maximum of 2 credits.


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